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Groove Secrets
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What they say...
Top class teacher and an animal of a drummer!
What I thought would take me months to learn, was taught to me by an incredible teacher who broke everything down into small sections so I could really understand what was going on!
- Ashley Hunter
Dublin, Ireland
Here's What You'll Get:
  • Lifetime access to ALL course materials
  • PDF sheet music for all lessons
  • Video downloads of all lessons
  • Every lesson topic includes 3 videos: Video Lesson, Masterclass session, & Practice Breakout Session
  • Tons of downloadable done-for-you resources
  • Proven course layout to help you complete each lesson
  •  3 Month Non-Recurring Drum Better Daily Subscription ($84 Value)
  • Personalized Lesson Plan ($50 Value)
  • Access to hundreds of video lessons and sheet music
  • Over 70 Pre-Made topic specific lesson tracks
  • Regular Live Streamed lessons w/ chat to ask questions in real time
  • Student video reviews from Stephen
  • Access to community forums, private student Facebook page, & TONS more!!!
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