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A step-by-step system to revolutionize your drum beats, drum fills, and feel on the drum set

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" offers everything I've needed to progress as a drummer as quickly and easily as possible. Thanks for everything you do Stephen - it's been a huge help!"
Jayce Commo
Groove tools for every drummer
Exercises to teach you the essential groove tools you need for today's music.
Drumming independence freedom
Goodbye frustration & self-doubt...
hello confidence & fun!
Groove like a pro
You'll have a proven blueprint to stop the "Groove Busters" in your practice time.

It's time to FEEL GOOD about how your drumming FEELS. Your favorite songs, beats, & patterns will finally FEEL like you know they should.

For so long in my drumming, I didn't understand what groove was or how to get it. What I DID know what I DIDN'T HAVE IT. People didn't dance to my drumming. Like, literally. I worked in a Top 40 band in a dance club on Bourbon Street in New Orleans and I almost got FIRED because I couldn't make people dance. It was that real for me.

Let me ask you you ever get frustrated because what you play just doesn't feel good? You work and work to learn a song, and it STILL doesn't sound or feel like the original recording? Do other people you jam with say things like "It's just not feeling good" or "You gotta find the pocket"? Do you leave your practice time discouraged because you play the notes on the page but they just don't feel right?

Groove is this elusive "thing" that we as drummers are supposed to have. And when we DON'T have it, it can lead to feelings of frustration, anger, discouragement...heck, I've even had students come to me saying they felt like quitting the instrument because of this (don't worry, I always talk them down from THAT crazy idea).
Even though this is a very real and painful problem for so many drummers, IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT.

The internet, social media, and other resources we have focus so much on the technical side of fast you can play, how complicated are the patterns...that this discussion of GROOVE oftentimes gets left in the dust. Everyday you get on Instagram or Facebook or You Tube and see drummers doing insane licks and tricks on the drums. It leaves you feeling like you will never become the drummer you want to be.

I've got a little secret to tell you...99% of what we do as drummers is GROOVE. We keep the time. We make the music FEEL good.

Who cares if you can play at 174 mph if it doesn't FEEL good?! Musicians, bands, the music...they all care about how you can make the music FEEL. 

Once you begin to make the music FEEL good, you in turn will begin to FEEL amazing about your drumming. And groove is not as hard to get as you think it is. That's why I made the Basics of Groove 3 course pack...
The Basics of Groove Course Pack

3 Drum Courses - 8 Modules In Each Course - 1 Focused Drumming Goal

Basics of Groove 3 for the price of 1 Course Pack (67% OFF)
The purpose of this 8 week course is to teach you how to play with a relaxed and effortless technique. It focuses on several techniques that will help you utilize the natural motions and movements of the stick to create incredible speed and agility around the kit.
  • 3 Full Drum Courses: The Basics of Groove Series is a 3 course pack. Each course is 8 modules long and comes complete with streaming video lessons, downloadable PDF workbooks, & done-for-you resources. 24 Lessons total.
  • Play 65% of popular music: The exercises are designed to help you work on the skills, beats, and patterns that you will see occur the most in today's popular music.
  • Step-by-Step Practice Instructions: At SDS we call them Assembly Lines. They are step-by-step practice instructions for how to work through the material in each lesson. The practice Assembly Lines keep you focused, make the most efficient use of your time, and leave all of the guesswork OUT of your practice time.
  • Drum Fills & Transitions Exercises: Being able to have a solid groove while playing a drum beat is one thing. Being able to KEEP that groove when playing a drum fill and transitioning to the ride cymbal or hihat is something else altogether. Specific lessons, exercises, and assembly lines to help you work on this crucial skill.
  • Independence Exercises: Once you have the basic skills down, we dive deeper and begin to work on your independence within each voice of the drum beats. Bass drum, snare drum, hihat...we work 'em all!
  • ​Creativity Goals: In addition to written exercises, you will be given creativity exercises and goals to help you expand your own creativity around the drum set while working on your pocket and feel.
  • Lesson Tracking & Completion: Mark each lesson off as you go, see how much of the material you have completed, and leave each day knowing exactly where you are in the material.
  • Video Jump Links: It's easy to go back and review each exercise with the included video jump links on all lesson pages.
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee: I want you happy. I want you achieving your goals. I want you moving in the right direction with your playing. And I want you to feel confident that this course pack will get you there. 
  • Proven system: This set of courses are some of the most popular in my entire Online Drum School. Hundreds of students, past and present, have seen the benefits of working through the material in these courses.
  • Newly Retaught: The Basics of Groove series was retaught and updated in 2020. New and improved exercises, sheet music in the video lesson, 3 camera angles, and on screen graphics to help you stay focused.

What you get:
Basics of Groove Course 1 ($89 Value)
Basics of Groove Course 2 ($89 Value)
Basics of Groove Course 3 ($89 Value)

Special offer price: $267

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Hear from the students...
"Bottom line, he knows his stuff and he knows how to teach it! Stephen, your lessons are awesome man."

Chris Lockhart (aka c.lock) • Columbus, Georgia
"I appreciate all the organization and planning you've put into these excellent lessons."

Deanna Valley • Stillwater, Oklahoma
"It's been great to have access to videos of a great drummer explaining different fills, grooves, techniques, and applications of rudiments around the kit. Thank you so much for what you do Stephen!"
Ethan Berumez • Richmond, Virginia
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Tune in to the regularly scheduled live Student Calls with Stephen & team. You can submit your questions beforehand or join live and ask in person. I stay until ALL questions are answered. Every month we have 2 Q&A sessions, 1 community discussion call, & 1 tech talk call. If you miss it live, they are recorded & posted later for you to watch with jump links to the individual questions.
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Ever wonder how to make a quickie song chart? Need tips for dealing with back pain while playing? Want to know how to set up your drum set for your body type? Short, actionable lessons on useful topics.
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Guest Artist Series
Regular industry pro's stop by the studio to share their experiences, playing, & tips. Past artists include Ronnie Tutt (Elvis, Neil Diamond), Jim Riley (Rascal Flatts), Darren King, & more. Oh, and you get to ask them questions during the live artist Q&A sessions!
Tech Talk
Tim Buell is a staff teacher here at SDS. He's also an amazing drummer, teacher, and a technology nerd (in the best way). This is a section where you can learn about the latest metronome apps, how to record yourself on the cheap, and most anything else technology related. Don't see a topic you need? Just put in a request and Tim will do his best to get to it. Complete with a dedicated Tech Talk discussion and question area in the forums.
SDS YouTube
Stephen publishes twice weekly to his YouTube channel. Instead of going somewhere else to watch those videos, you can access them in the DBD Campus SDS YouTube section. If they include any resources (sheet music, etc.) those are provided as well with the video on the lesson page.
We love playing the drums, but more than that, we love playing MUSIC. Check out some of the playalongs to give your practice time a kick in the pants!
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  • Access to all 3 Basics of Groove courses
  • 14 day money back guarantee
  • Access to 65+ additional drum courses
  • Personalized lesson plan from Stephen upon request
  • Hundreds of video lessons w/ sheet music
  • Access to the private DBD community, Forums, & Facebook page
  • Weekly live student calls
  • Tons of done-for-you lesson resources
  • New content added weekly
  • Ask questions directly to Stephen
  • Weekly student reviews
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"I can honestly say that I've learned more memorable, versatile and useful drum info and techniques than all my former years and teachers combined!"

Christo Young
"I have seen my drumming drastically improve."
Brian Rodgers
Talbott, TN, USA
 "The thing that really makes SDS special is I feel like Stephen is truly with me on this journey. The tailored feedback...the fact that Stephen communicates with me on a regular basis. Those are the things you won't find anywhere else...basically you can't find Stephen anywhere else :) . It's been a huge part of me going from total newb to playing live shows at top notch venues in my area in less than a year."
Clint Hardesty
Norman, Oklahoma, USA
"When all hope was lost, I found Stephen’s lessons on YouTube. And wow, what a difference in my playing ever since I signed up for lessons at"

Annaliese Bronz
"Simply put, in fifteen years of drumming, no DVD, lesson, magazine article or book has helped me more than the Shed."
Tim Bean