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A New System That Teaches You How To Use The Paradiddle On The Drumset
A step-by-step unique system to help you use & create with the paradiddle in your drum fills, grooves, & soloing
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Michael Dallara
San Francisco, CA
"Stephen’s teaching style is truly practical (extremely well-organized) and effective, to the point but not too short, and thoroughly motivating."
A unique  system based on results
You + Paradiddle + Proven System = Success
It really is that simple.
Stop the Half-Learning
Half-learning got you stuck? Still can't use it? Learn to USE & CREATE with the paradiddle.
Experience creative freedom
A system to give you freedom with creatively applying the paradiddle to grooves, fills, & solos
A new way to learn...
Either approach an old topic in a new way & see your playing transform.

Or change nothing & end up with a pile of half learned stickings & rudiments you can't use. 
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Hear from some of my favorite students!
"Stephen's best quality is his care and willingness to help. Very rarely do you see a teacher with thousands of students give you the help and guidance as if you were his only."

Nate Randleman
"What I thought would take me months to learn, was taught to me by an incredible teacher who broke everything down into small sections so i could really understand what was going on."
Ashley Hunter
"Simply put, in fifteen years of drumming, no DVD, lesson, magazine article or book has helped me more than the Shed."

Tim Bean
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Paradiddle Mastery Includes...
a unique system to finally help you actually use the paradiddle creatively on the drums!
An organized 8 week course
A complete lesson course to ensure that you are able to apply the paradiddle to your grooves, fills, & solos. Put the days of half-learning your rudiments behind you.
The Tools You Need
Each week of the course includes a 30-45 minute lesson video, a 20-30 minute practice breakout session video, & Sheet Music for all exercises.
Emailed To You To Keep Forever
All content will be downloadable & delivered via email weekly. Can't work through the course immediately? No problem...come back to it when you have the time.
Course Outline
  • Week 1: Subdividing With The Paradiddle  
  • Week 2: Zoning With The Paradiddle  
  • Week 3: Accent Patterns With The Paradiddle
  •  Week 4: Grooving With The Paradiddle
  •  Week 5: Grooving With The Paradiddle - Adding Accents Part 1
  •  Week 6: Grooving With The Paradiddle - Adding Accents Part 2 
  •  Week 7: Filling With The Paradiddle Part 1
  •  Week 8: Filling With The Paradiddle Part 2
You Get...
  • 8 Lesson Videos
  • ​8 Practice Breakout Sessions
  • Over ​7 Hours of Instruction
  • ​Sheet Music for all Lessons
  • Lessons delivered straight to your email every week for 8 weeks
  • Support From Stephen & the SDS Staff
  • ​Lifetime Access to your Downloads
  • ​14 Day Money Back Guarantee
Jayce Commo
“I didn't start playing drums until the age of 35, and I began by scouring the internet to find the best teachers out there. offers everything I've needed to progress as a drummer as quickly and easily as possible. Stephen is extremely knowledgeable, his lessons are easy to follow, the quality of his videos is superb, and the range of lessons (fills, songs, practicing tips, etc.) is unmatched. Thanks for everything you do Stephen - it's been a huge help!”
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Step 3: Work the new system
No more wasted practice time. No more half-learning. Just progress.
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